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our goals

services we provide

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Church Support

We offer a wide array of consulting for churches small and large, specializing in many areas of ministry. We have a unique perspective both from and for Immigrant - American congregations. We have assisted and ran multi-million dollar building projects, large & small conferences, marketing campaigns, and most ministries in a church setting. 

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Leadership Training

More than any other quality, righteous leadership is what the world needs today. We believe in healthy leaders, leading healthy teams, to create healthy environments for growth. With years of formal education & training and decades of experience we are passionate about raising young leaders who will shape tomorrow for the kingdom of God.

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Events can be specialized milestones in a persons life. We're passionate about  creating deep and meaningful environments to help cultivate supernatural encounters with our heavenly father. Everything from  camps, to LEAD retreats, to conferences, we've planned and executed events with excellence for over 20 years.

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